Products & Solutions

Our core services lays at API level where your application can directly communicate with our services.

We also provide added services like a visual Control Tower Dashboard for your operations

1. Routing API


  • Delivery/pickup amounts on arbitrary number of metrics

  • Service time windows

  • Service Setup

  • Service duration

  • Skills

  • Priority


  • Capacity on multiple metrics (Weight, Dimension, Fragile Items)

  • Skills

  • Working hours

  • Driver breaks

  • Start and end defined on a per-vehicle basis

  • Cost per Mile

  • Starting Costs

  • Cost per location

Optimization order

  1. Maximizing overall priority score of each shipment,

  2. Maximizing number of assigned shipments per driver,

  3. Minimizing total solution cost.

2. Map API

  • Geocoding

  • Reverse Geocoding

  • Fixed Stop order routes

  • Road Matching

  • Duration matrices

3. Consultancy

  • Control Tower for Vehicles

  • Courier Mobile App

  • Warehouse Picking Optimization

  • GPS Tracking hardware in vehicles

  • RFID fleet tracking